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Certificate in Gaming Technology

Chennai Animation College offeringCertificate in Gaming Technology is a 3 months program which is approved by NASD (National Association of Skill Development).

Certificate in Gaming – is a 6 Months Program which is approved by NASD are becoming increasingly popular among existing programmers and fresh graduates
. These courses not only update your skills and put you at the forefront of this prolific market, but it helps you maintain relevant skills for the future.

Who Can Pursue Game Development Courses?

  • Game design and development is a field for people who are both creative and passionate.

  • This field, like any other creative field, necessitates a significant amount of involvement and patience on the part of the students.

  • For those wishing to pursue a career in game design, innovation and creativity are essential skills.

  • Individuals who are creative, passionate, and innovative with a passion for gaming.

  • Candidates should be interested in game development, learning professional skills, and the game development process.


The worldwide games market is poised for growth on all fronts. With smartphones making games more accessible and innovative applications emerging in fields such as education and training, the global gaming market is projected to reach $340 billion by 2027. Tabletop games are enjoying a renaissance of their own, with the market expected to reach $30.93 billion by 2028 — more than twice its current value.

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