B.SC In Animation
and VFX

B.Sc Animation & VFX Course in Chennai:

4.8 250
Chennai Animation College offering 3 Years B.Sc Animation and VFX Course in Chennai. We are the Best Animation College in Chennai having certified trainers and Industry Experts. Join our VFX Course in Chennai.

B.SC in Animation & VFX has been designed from fine arts, through digital arts, animation process and pipeline, 3D animation, production management, and so on to make you an animation professional with thorough pipeline knowledge and management capabilities & creating high-quality digital output for Film & Television. Join VFX Course in Chennai.

You will create captivating environments working on live action footage (VFX).

Duration – 3 Years

Eligibility – Candidates for admission to the three year degree programs must have passed (10+2) or completed a 3 year diploma program after class X

B.sc animation and VFX subjects:

  • Manmade drawings
  • History of art & world art
  • Layer masks
  • Integrate Photoshop layers to compositing
  • 3D Compositing
  • Interior Modeling
  • Concepts & purpose of unwrapping
  • Application of materials in Maya
  • FG, GI, Caustics, HDRI, physical sun & sky
  • Types of Joints & IK creation
  • Biped rigging
  • Keying, blocking, primary & secondary animation
  • Walk cycle animation
  • Car Animation
  • Different fields & effects
  • Preproduction drawings
  • Selection, retouching, painting, text tools
  • Apply effects
  • VFX Compositing
  • Car Modeling
  • Cartoon character
  • Generating texture using Maya & Photoshop
  • Constraints
  • Skinning methods
  • Principles of animation
  • Squash & stretch animation
  • Jump & Dive Animation
  • Emitters, particles & its purpose
  • Cloth & fur simulation
  • Live study drawing& painting

Animation and Visual Effects Courses:

  • Introduction to vector & raster image
  • Image editing techniques
  • Dynamic simulation
  • Compiling movie through editing
  • Understand important loop flow in model
  • Different mapping methods
  • Different mapping methods
  • Types of camera & its purpose
  • SDK
  • Quadruped rigging
  • Editing animation in Graph editor
  • Run cycle animation
  • Facial Expressions
  • Soft & rigid bodies